10 Best Women’s Halloween Costumes for 2013

A few days ago, I discussed what I believe to be the 10 worst new Halloween costumes for 2013. Now, as promised, here are the ones that I think are the best. You’ll notice that there are very few “sexy” or “sassy” costumes in this list; this is largely because I don’t feel like women need to dress in what amounts to pasties and a bikini to be sexy; I find some of the costumes on this list to be sexy without exploiting the sexuality of the wearer. Plus, it’s always friggin’ cold on Halloween, how is anyone going to be comfortable like that?

10. English Nanny


English Nanny Mary Poppins

This rip-off Mary Poppins costume is still awesome. Mary Poppins is a badass motherfucker. Plus, everyone knows that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord; she’s British, she’s always appearing and disappearing without warning, and her carpet-bag is bigger on the inside.


9. Princess Bubblegum

Princess BubblegumI love Adventure Time. It has to be one of my favorite cartoon shows. It’s just so… weird. This year, a whole slew of Adventure Time costumes made their debut. While there’s also a Fiona costume, I decided to go with Princess Bubblegum instead. After all, she is totally math when it comes to being a mad-scientist-slash-princess. Sadly, this costume does not come in plus sizes, otherwise I think I would have found my Halloween costume for this year. Maybe next year there will be a Flame Princess costume, too!


8. Maleficent

Maleficent Sleeping BeautyThis is a costume that is made to be more “sexy” than the actual character design, but it pulls it off really well. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is one of Disney‘s biggest and baddest villains — literally; she turns into a giant evil dragon, how much bigger and badder can you get? There is also a plus size version of this costume that is more in-line with the actual character design from the film.


7. Female Storm Trooper

Storm TrooperAs many of my friends know, I’m not a fan of Star Wars, but I find this storm trooper costume to be really well done compared to the feminization of costumes that are largely associated with males. I even actually like the boots they chose to put with this costume (not included with the costume itself).


6. Hit Girl

Hit Girl from Kick AssOkay, I have to be honest, I think that the top on this looks a little bit weird (why the 1980s shoulder pads, Halloween costume?), but Hit Girl from Kick Ass is just so, well, kick ass! You don’t have to be a teenage girl to rock this Halloween costume, just a lady who wants to kick ass and take names.


5. Barbarian Warrior

Barbarian Warrior Game of ThronesI’m pretty sure that instead of generic “barbarian warrior,” this costume is supposed to be Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I also love the jewelry and the shoes they chose to pair with the costume itself. Also, although parts of this costume are “shiny” they aren’t weirdly shiny like some costumes.


4. Warrior Elf

Warrior Elf Legend of Zelda

It doesn’t overtly say it, but I’m pretty sure that this costume is a feminized version of Link from The Legend of Zelda — and, frankly, I love it. Everything from the skirt to the bodice to the arm guards are really well designed. And even if it isn’t fem!Link, she’s still an awesome elf.


3. 1960s TV Batgirl

BatgirlSpeaking of well-made costumes, I love this one! The 1960s Batman television show is a classic (and often full of lulz), so I’m totally in love with all of the fantastic officially licensed costumes — but Batgirl is definitely my favorite.


2. Wicked Witch

Wicked WitchI have to admit, I am really impressed by these new Oz: The Great and Powerful costumes. There are also Theodora, Glinda, and Evanora costumes — and even a China Girl costume. They all are really well-made, but I think that the Wicked Witch costume is the most visually interesting.


1. Faora

FaoraOh-em-eff-gee, you guys. I have to admit that I didn’t think Man of Steel was all that great, but Sub-Commandor Faora-Ul is one bad ass lady — and this costume is really awesome. I really enjoy the detail, and I think this would make a great Halloween costume. It’s definitely sexy even if it doesn’t show off any skin at all.

So there you have it, my picks for the best new women’s Halloween costumes for this year. Tune in next time as we turn to the guys and discuss the 10 worst new men’s Halloween costumes.

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  1. Richard Cardenas says:

    Okay, numbers 10, 9, 5, 3 and 1 look absolutely incredible. 8, 7 and 3 are cute and “sassy” in their own way. 6 looks okay, but a little off. And I really love 2. 2 looks really amazing being that it is a simple Wicked Witch.

  2. Jordan Young says:

    Yay to a female Link costume! The World will not be equal until we have a Legend of Shiekh game..or a female led game in that franchise for that matter.

    Are you listening Nintendo? Because you should be.

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