10 Video Games to Play at Your New Year’s Eve Party

Hey buddies. Are you getting together with friends and family this New Year’s Eve to ring in 2013? Are you all gamers or use games to help pass the time until you drink yourself into a stupor just before the clock hits midnight? Then why not try these games while at your end of the year party to see who can make the biggest fool of themselves, out-dance everyone else, or just drop down the pwnage hammer like no one else. Whatever the case may be, these games are sure to get the party going until the hugging and kissing starts and rings in the New Year.

10. Rock Band series

Rock Band

I have never seen people look more like a bunch of idiots as when I watch people play Rock Band. But they also look to be having the time of their lives doing so. For a couple of years now, I have been to various functions to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and Rock Band seems to be a staple at these parties. I may not enjoy playing the game myself, but I love looking at everyone else jamming out to some really cool songs and having fun.


9. Raving Rabbids series

Raving Rabbids

This collection of mini-games seems to keep people entertained and enthused as they shoot, spin, spray and do various other hilarious actions with these crazed bunny-like creatures. I’ve tried my hand at some of these games and I think they are a great addition to have at any party. The hilarity on screen always seems to cheer up even the most cynical of partygoers when this game is on and those Rabbids are acting all foolish.

8. Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort

This is a great one for the family staying in and celebrating a more intimate party to ring in the New Year. Playing one of the various sports themed mini-games with your family is a great way to bond with each other as well as liven up some fun and friendly competition with each other.

7. Just Dance series

Just Dance

I take back what I said about people playing Rock Band looking like idiots, and I want to add that here. The Just Dance series has been going strong for a few years now and it seems to be a huge hit wherever I see people playing it. And why not? The series has always chosen some incredible songs to add to their games that pose a challenge for gamers of varying skill levels.

6. LittleBigPlanet series


This series of games is a blast to play with friends – especially when you are playing one of the possibly millions of user created levels that can be added to the game. Challenging yet simple and addictive gameplay make the LBP series of games one of the best party games you can bring to any party any time of the year. I know it has always been a hit at the parties I go to, and I am sure that it is the same everywhere else as well.

5. Mario Kart series

Mario Kart

Perhaps the oldest game series on this list (since 1992), who can argue the appeal that the Mario Kart series has had over the years. And who could argue with how competitive it seems to make people against their friends and family when they are playing this game. While some arguments have been started because of this game (especially since the introduction of the blue shell in 1996) it has more often than not entertained groups of friends to no end.

4. Mario Party series

Mario Party

Yeah, I know some people have gotten tired of the series, but you cannot deny the popularity the series still has with many gamers. I would even argue that Mario Party 9 is one of the best in the series. Either way, this collection of mini-games pitting you against three other friends and Bowser and company is a fun and entertaining way to pass time as you wait for the New Year to begin.

3. Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land

The newest game on this list, ever since I first got to play this game at E3, I have been mesmerized by it. And playing it at a home setting only affirmed my initial impression of the game even further. With the ability for up to five people to play at a time, Nintendo Land incorporates some of their most beloved franchises into a fun and energetic collection of mini-games sure to entertain any gathering.

2. Dance Central series

Dance Central

I won’t make the same comment about Dance Central as I did with Rock Band and Just Dance. Actually, I think that the play mechanics of this Kinect exclusive is one of the best of any of the rhythmic sim games you can find out there. And people really love to play this when they see it in a room. Matching the dance moves that you see on screen to some of the best music selections you can find, this game really does a great job of livening up any party it is found at.

1. Super Smash Bros series

Super Smash Bros

This is my personal favorite series to play with a group of people, especially the last edition of this series, Super Smash Bros Brawl! I can easily kill hours playing this game with family and friends and we all have a fun and competitive time doing so. As everyone races and bashes about the screen trying to score the win or get that ever elusive Power Up to unleash that ultimate attack – this is the one game that I know will keep us all entertained way past midnight and it is a fun way to ring in any new year.

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