The 2013 Pop Cults Holiday Gift Guide

It seems like the holidays come earlier and earlier every year. In this case, that’s literally true as the first day of Hanukkah falls on November 28, the same day as Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, though, the next time that will happen is in 80,000 years, and — in the meantime — Hanukkah will go back to mostly coinciding with Christmas after this year.

Since the holidays are starting a little earlier for some, we’ve decided to release our holiday gift guide a little early as well. This should give you plenty of time to ponder these geeky, pop culture-filled gift ideas for your loved ones. That said, let’s get right to it! Also, for your convenience, we have a handy list of all of the gift suggestions organized by category at the bottom of this article. You’re welcome, friends.


Cape’s Gift Ideas

Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity – This isn’t a new game, many of you out there reading this have already played it, but damn, it is good. This game will have you and your non-church-going friends laughing for hours. To be honest, the first time you play it with someone is the best, looking at their faces when the Card Czar draws a card that says “_________ was dropped to the children of Afghanistan,” and the noob has cards to play that say things like “Germany”, “Dungeon Porn”, “Harry Potter Erotica”, “Jerking off into a pool of children’s tears”, “Batman!”, “Children on Leashes”, and “Man Meat”; how can you go wrong?

Military Poncho LinerA Military Poncho Liner  – This is by far one of the best blankets you will ever own. It is tough, light weight, warm, dries fast, and huge. When I was in the service, we called these things our woobies. I have used mine as a picnic blanket, added several to my families disaster preparedness kit, even built blanket forts with them — and I’m not talking those crappy forts made from old sheets, I’m talking living room tactical facilities! Poncho Lines can be found in several camo patterns and a few tactical solid colors as well. Once you own one of these, you’ll see why it made my list.

Season Passes to a Community Theater – Most places have some type of local theater, and if they don’t there is one close by. Having done a few shows myself, I know how much work goes into these productions and how much it costs to produce them. Best of all you are keeping things local, the theater might be just the change of pace you need; besides if you don’t like one of the shows you can give the tickets to some of your friends who might like it, a gift you can share.

Rubber ChickenA Rubber Chicken – Never underestimate the laughter and joy that the simple, time tested comedy stand the rubber chicken can bring to someone’s life. It is cheap and zen and fun for the whole family!





Dan J.’s Gift Ideas

Bluetooth GlovesBluetooth Gloves – Yes, these are gloves that you can hold up next to your ear while making one of those “I’m talking on the phone” gestures with your hand… and actually talk on the phone to someone. Why would you want this? Because it’s basically the same thing as being able to do magic, that’s why. Imagine doing this in front of a bunch of villagers from the 1700s. You would basically be Zeus. You wouldn’t have any bars, but that’s a separate issue.


Star Trek The Original Motion Picture SetThe Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection on Blu Ray – All six of the original Kirk/Spock Trek films are finally available as a group on Blu-ray, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Some of them are good. Some of them involve Spock’s brother hijacking the Enterprise so he can meet God. Some of them involve whales. None of them involve Benedict Cumberbatch, but they do have Christopher Plummer as a Klingon. Watch Saavik completely change her appearance between movies, in beautiful High Def. Don’t ask McCoy how that works. He’s a doctor, not a casting director.

TARDIS soap dispenserTARDIS Soap Dispenser – In our house we try to save money by keeping our old empty soap dispensers and just buying hand soap in bulk. We need a lot what with all our pets. Well, what if we could keep our hands clean AND travel through time. Whether you’re fighting Daleks or Germs, the TARDIS’s sleek blue design is trendy and tasteful. Also, it’s bigger on the inside, so that means you don’t have to refill it as often.



Dan S.’s Gift Ideas

Geeky ShirtsGeeky Shirts – Geeks love to show their cred! And what better way than with a shirt that references your passion… just a little? Having a shirt that hints at who you are and what you loves serves as a password of sorts. When I go out in my Runaway 5 shirt and someone stops me to tell me how much he or she loves Earthbound, it makes me feel welcome. I know that they’re my people and they’re cool with me.

The shirts on these sites are usually up for sale for one day only. Sometimes, you can buy the shirt at a later time for a higher price. And sometimes these sites will have a random sale where you can blindly buy any design for half the price. Have at it!


Retro DuoRetro Duo NES/SNES Portable Gaming System – These days, you can play just about any video game anywhere. Portable gaming is nothing new. But if you’ve played older games on newer systems, you know they’re all ports. Emulation. Something just gets lost in translation. So if you have your old 8-bit games lying around, why not put them to good use? With the new Retro Duo, you can play your old games anywhere and in their original format. How cool is that?


Captain America Costume HoodieCostume Hoodies – So I bought a couple costume hoodies on a whim a few weeks ago (which really impressed Thor, as you can see on the left). And since then, they have made me a popular man. I walk into a bar with my Captain America costume hoodie and next thing I know, people are buying me drinks and we’re all singing the theme song to Team America. The next day, I wear my Magneto hoodie to Octoberfest and it turns out, everyone wants to take pictures with and dance with the master of magnetism. It’s freakin’ awesome!


DoctorIceDoctor Who Ice Cube Tray – This one is a no brainer. Doctor Who fans love Doctor Who gear. So having a TARDIS or Dalek float around your drink is cool as shit! But get this! You can also use these molds for other things. What other things, you ask? Well… these molds are made of silicon, so they’re heat resistant. Which means you can do things like pour chocolate in them and make choco-daleks and Tardidsis (Tardises?). Mmm… choco-daleks.


CaHCards Against Humanity – If you don’t know about Cards Against Humanity, I don’t know who you are. But if you need to know, it’s like Apples to Apples for horrible people. It’s the best party game there is. Once you pick up the starter pack, you’ll be going back for the booster packs. And then you’ll buy the bigger blacker box and hang it by your old dvd collection and hope your guests recognize it. And then? And then it’s on!


SCUF ControllerSCUF Gaming Controllers – When it comes to competitive gaming, hardcore gamers will do anything to get the edge. Well, SCUF Gaming provides that edge in many ways. The nice people over at SCUF Gaming can build (or alter) controllers with your gaming needs in mind. They can add stops to the triggers for faster shooting, add paddles on the back of the controller so you don’t ever have to take your thumbs off the sticks, and even remove the rumble pack for the lightest controller on the market. They even modify the back of the controller to make it more ergo-dynamic and reduce strain/fatigue.  The price on these controllers vary. You can either send in your own controller in to be modified (tournament legal… I think) or go all out and get the controller with the four paddles and the special decal on it when your hands heat it up. SCUF controllers may be a little on the expensive side, but if first person shooters are your (only) game, then why not treat yourself (or a loved one) and make the gaming experience as precise and comfortable as possible?


Dr. Chris’s Gift Ideas

PredsTransformers: Prime Season 3 and Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising – Transformers Prime is over, and wow! It was the best Transformers cartoon since Beast Wars with a well-animated, small cast and great voice actors. Megatron (Frank Welker) tries to bring Cyberton back online, and Shockwaves arrives with a clone of the long lost race of Predacons. Ultra Magnus (Kenneth Irons) shows up to help the Autobots, and the race to reformat Cybertron begins. After Cybertron is restored and the Bots and Cons leave Earth, Unicron (John Noble) returns and wants Cybertron destroyed for good. Both Season 3 and Predacons Rising will be out on Blu-ray in time for Christmas.


Castlevania Lord of ShadowsCastlevania Lord of Shadows Collection – Didn’t play Lord of Shadows back in 2010? Now you can — with the DLC and the Mirror Of Fate Nintendo 3DS game, as well as a sneak peek of Lord of Shadows 2. It’s $40, and comes with three games — how awesome is that? Very puzzle based-heavy gameplay mixed with the monster vampire killing action you come to expect from a Castlevania game. Awesome voiceover work by Robert Carlyle and Patrick Stewart. Amazing effects that stand out, and really out this as one of the best Castlevania games in the series. The 3DS game is in a 2D format, so you are not helpless if you can’t stand that awkward trick of the eye. Konami re-imagined its long-running series with this entry that really gave it a leap forward from other games out there. Castlevania is the longest running horror game series on the market.


Elli’s Gift Ideas

Walking Dead MonopolyWalking Dead Monopoly – Is there any better way to spend your Christmas than slaying zombies and fortifying lucrative post-apocalyptic property? I don’t think so. Watch in amusement as your pals scramble to try and survive the walker infested streets of Atlanta. It’s more fun than a fish tank full of heads! This official licensed Walking Dead version of Monopoly puts a fun new spin on the rules of Hasbro’s classic game and is easily the perfect gift for fans of AMC’s hit TV Show.


Portal cube cookie jarPortal Cube Cookie Jar – Never leave your companion cube behind again with this Portal themed cookie jar! If you’re anything like me, you loved your companion cube and still get the occasional pang of remorse when recalling the events which led to its demise. Now, every time the guilt starts to creep up, you can quash it with the bevy of delicious cookies hidden inside! Perfect for any geek who loves cookies, and let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of them!


Whiskey StonesWhiskey Stones – Nothing says bad ass like drinking whiskey on the rocks. Now, thanks to the wonders of science you can actually drink whiskey on the rocks, literally. These whiskey stones are cold as ice… once you put them in the freezer… Best part? They don’t melt. You’ll never have to worry about watered down whiskey again!



air guitarAir Guitar – For anyone who loves to rock. This palm sized air guitar fret board works using infrared technology. Just hold down the chord buttons and strum the air in front of you and listen to the sweet sounds of your masterful shredding! A perfect gift for any rock geeks or music fans!




desktop Patrol DalekDesktop Patrol Dalek – Pen thieves pilfering your writing implements at the office? Fear not! With this desktop patrol Dalek you will always have a friend on hand to exterminate those pesky thieves. Just wind it up, put it down on your desk and let it do the rounds!  Keeps your stationary safe from anyone without a sonic screwdriver!




Erinn’s Gift Ideas

WiFi Hotspot CufflinksWIFI Hotspot Cufflinks – If you find yourself shopping for a special someone who fancies themselves a spy, or who travels a lot for business (or pleasure), these snazzy cufflinks may be just the gift! One cufflink is actually a miniature USB drive that has a 2GB capacity, and the other doubles as a wifi hotspot. I kinda wish my husband used cufflinks, because I think these are pretty nifty!


PolaroidThe Polaroid Z2300 – When I was a kid, I wanted a Polaroid Camera, sooooo badly! Polaroids were like magic! I sadly lacked any (magic or Polaroids), a mundane. I was mystified the ONE time, someone let me take a picture, and I got to shake that little rectangle while MY image slowly revealed itself! Incredible! WELL! Imagine my excitement when I find out that they developed the next generation of instant photo magic! It comes in the form of the Polaroid Z2300. Combing point and shoot technology, with the fun of instant printing, it is even cooler because it prints — wait for it — STICKERS! Who doesn’t like stickers?! (Don’t answer that. I don’t wanna hear your sticker hate.) So if you have a photographer on your gift list, this makes a great gift for amateurs and pros alike! There is a lot of fun possibilities with this for crafters too!

Firefly the Board GameFirefly: The Board Game – Got a board game loving Browncoat on your shopping list this Holiday Season? Why not get them their very own Firefly class starship to captain? Aim to misbehave and travel the ‘Verse looking for adventure and fortune. Any Firefly fan is bound to think this gift is SHINY~ Purchase the game from ThinkGeek and you will also be delighted to receive an exclusive card titled “Mal’s Pretty Floral Bonnet.” Oh yeah. Gorram right you want this game now!


Kigurimi PajamasJapanese Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas -Keep a geek on your holiday list cute and cozy this winter season by buying them a Kigurumi! These are so ridiculous, they’re adorable! They come in 8 different patterns but I personally am a fan of the Tabby and Fox designs. I think these would be perfect for a cold lazy day where you just wanna? enjoy your favorite video game, work on your writing or curl up and watch your favorite tv/anime series or movie!


DC 75 Years of Mythmaking75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking – If you have a DC Comics fan or serious collector on your shopping list, check out this beautiful compilation of stories and art featuring superheroes from The Atom to Zatara?! From Amazon: “More than 2,000 images, covers and interiors, original illustrations, photographs, film stills, and collectibles are reproduced using the latest technology to bring the story lines, the characters, and their creators to vibrant life as they’ve never been seen before. Telling the tales behind the tomes is 38-year DC veteran Paul Levitz, whose in-depth essays trace the company?s history, from its pulp origins through to the future of digital publishing.” Year-by-year timelines that fold out to nearly four feet and biographies of the legends who built DC make this an invaluable reference for any comic book fan?

Bluetooth earmuffs from Sharper ImageBluetooth Headphone Earmuffs – How about a little warmth and connectivity? Check out this winter accessory from Sharper Image that not only will keep you guarded against the elements, but will keep you connected to your devices and friends and family, too. Think Geek also carries bluetooth handset gloves.




 Richard’s Gift Ideas

dreamworks holiday collectionDreamWorks Holiday Collection – This is a great gift for both youngsters and animation fans. This collection of animated shorts starring characters from four of DreamWorks’ more popular titles (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon) are as funny and imaginative as the films that inspired them. What makes these specials even better is the fact that the core cast for these films return to reprise their roles in this shorts adding to the quality and value of each film. Though all four films clock in at less than 3 hours in total running time, the DVD (sorry, no Blu-ray) set is a great value sure to keep its viewers highly entertained this holiday season.


Disney Classics Box SetDisney Classics Boxed Set – As I stated before, this is the perfect gift for any true Disney aficionado. With more than 90 classic Disney songs from various films, television series and even theme park attractions; this collection has almost every classic song a Disneyphile could ever want. Available in both a CD boxed set or a completely digital downloadable version; this makes the convenience of having your favorite Disney tunes with you wherever you may go. And if you are like me you’ll find yourself singing these songs all over the place.


Playstation 4 bundlePlayStation 4 Bundles – If you are lucky enough to still find some of these bundles available (and by the time the holidays come they should be readily available in most areas) then this has to be the gift of choice for any gamer out there. Not to take away anything from the Xbox One, but the PS4 has all the momentum right now, and the bundles available offer a great variety of games for gamers. A Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadowfall, Call of Duty: Ghost,Knack, DRIVECLUB, Madden NFL 25, and a Dual Shock 4 bundle are just a few varieties available out there right now.


The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition Vol 1The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition Vol. 1 – As a fan of comic book art, some of the best looking art, especially in regards to comic book covers, comes from Zenescope Entertainment and their family of Grimm Fairy Tales universe books. And in this limited edition hardcover, some of the best and most beautiful artwork that has come out of the company is collected for fans to enjoy. I had a chance to preview this book at the recent Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo at the Zenescope booth and this is something that I wouldn’t mind having for myself. And I am willing to bet that some other comic book fans out there would really enjoy this as well.


CosplayDeviants com Coffee Table Coffee Table Book – And while we are on the subject of collectible books let me tell you about another book that I am willing to bet some cosplay fans out there would appreciate… at least some older cosplay fans who appreciate the more risqué side of the art. One of my favorite websites,, just collected some of their more popular images featuring their models into this beautiful looking hardcover book here. While this is definitely not for children, and some cosplay fans may look down on this kind of cosplaying, those who appreciate the mature side of the art form are sure to love displaying this book.


Elfen Lied Complete Collection Blu-rayElfen Lied: Complete Collection on Blu-ray – One of the best, most violent and controversial anime series of the last decade has been collected into one Blu-ray collection for fans to enjoy. Elfen Lied is the story of a living weapon who has escaped her captors and finds comfort and friendship with a boy she knew from her past. Everything that makes anime special can be found in this series and it is worth the price to own this amazing set.




Susan’s Gift Idea

Satisfying the geek on a budget can be tough. That being said, I’ve tried to keep my needs simple. My laptop has issues which prevent me from using it remotely. As a writer, that means that I’m bound to my house where there are lots of distractions to keep me from writing. The best writing I’ve gotten done lately is while sitting outside at the cigar shop or my local coffee house. Problem is, I have to write longhand and then transcribe that to my laptop. I’m sad to say that I’ve got pages and pages of longhand just lying around waiting to be digitized.

So what’s a geek to do? The solution came a couple of weeks ago when I accompanied my roommate on a trip to Sam’s Club. While she was checking out the Christmas decorations, I wandered over to the electronics which I rarely do because why invite temptation? I was surprised to see that some laptop models now come with touch screens and then I turned the corner and there it was.

Acer C720 ChromebookThe ACER C720 Chromebook. It’s small. It’s portable. It has a keyboard and best of all, it’s only $229. After I got home, I did my research on it and it’s perfect for my needs. I can sit outside for hours and hours on one charge and type away and my work will be instantly saved in the cloud. All of my favorite haunts provide free WiFi which is a happy bonus.

So now all I have to do is scrimp and save and hopefully I’ll have one of those beauties under my tree by Christmas just in time to make 2014 one of my most productive ever.

Tiarra’s Gift Ideas

The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) on Blu-ray – Did your loved one watch and greatly enjoy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? Was their only caveat that this film was a little too dang short? Well, fear not. The Extended Edition Blu-ray is here to save the day. With 13 extra minutes of footage, A huge multi-part documentary about the filming experience, and filmmakers’ commentary (which I really hope is as ridiculously hilarious as the LOTR commentary), this Blu-ray will give your hobbit friends enough material to entertain themselves while enjoying breakfast, second breakfast, and elevensies.


Live-sized TARDISLife-Size TARDIS – Shut the front door. At 108″H x 55″W x 55″, this heavy-duty cardboard TARDIS replica is friggin’ cool. Sadly, it’s not bigger on the inside, but it still should make an awesome addition to any Whovian’s home.





Star Trek Pajama SetStar Trek Pajama Set – Is it your dream to boldly go where no one has gone before? Or maybe you just want to go to bed. Either way, these officially licensed Star Trek pajamas are a great holiday gift idea. They come in command red, operations gold, and science blue fro the TNG variety or “Kirk” gold, “Scotty” red, or “Spock” blue for the TOS variety. If you want to take things one step further, ThinkGeek also has Star Trek bathrobes. Talk about boldly going.



Gift Guide by Category

Please note: the prices listed are mostly the best we could find. The prices may vary slightly depending on location and availability.


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