A Wild Pokemon Announcement Appears!

I love handheld gaming and I love RPGs so, naturally, I love the Pokemon franchise. I’m not afraid to admit it. Pokemon was the game that got me into handhelds in the first place. So when Pokemon X and Y was announced earlier today, I was stoked.

Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y is not only the first Pokemon for the 3DS, but it is also the first Pokemon game to be released simultaneously worldwide. This is a big deal to me. Waiting a year or so between each release always got to me.

Pokemon Froakie
But guys, 3D Pokemon. I’m not only talking about the glasses-free 3D of the 3DS, but the 3D environment and rendered Pokemon is big news. Aside from the crappy console Pokemon games, Pokemon haven’t been seen in pixelated 3D.

Pokemon Fennekin
The new starter Pokemon are shown in the announcement video. There’s the grass Pokemon Chespin, the fire-type Fennekin, and the water-type Froakie (always go water). The two legendary Pokemon are also shown in the announcement trailer. I can only assume they’re the reason for the games being called X and Y. I mean they clearly spell it out for you.

Pokemon Chespin
Here’s the entire Nintendo Direct video showing a brief history of Pokemon along with the announcement of Pokemon X and Y. The trailer itself begins at the 7:15 mark if you want to skip ahead.

Pokemon X and Y will be released worldwide this October.

Daniel Lee

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