Avengers #5 Superguardian Review


Previously in Avengers, Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) have been talking about growing the Avengers since there is always new threats and concerns arising quite often and this issue really taps into this.  It starts off with a human character named Izzy from Iowa on a farm which her father owns.  Izzy ends up coming across a strange alien artifact that look like sunglasses and when she puts them on she becomes a Superguardian!  What I found interesting about this is Izzy is a student that was studying astronomy and it is almost her destiny to become a Superguardian of the Shi’ar Empire.  Izzy then finds out her Superguardian name is the “Smasher”, which I thought was original since there is only one who smashes.  So now that you don’t get confused I’m going to call Izzy Smasher.  Okay so Smasher ends up going to the home of the Shi’ar Empire which I don’t know the name of and she finds out that she is the first Human Superguardian!

Then all of a sudden the Avengers show up to help the Shi’ar battle an evil invading force that you then see Gladiator make an appearance in!  After the semi-epic battle is over Gladiator pronounces Smasher a true Superguardian   Sorry she was a Guardsman or just a Guardian before, oh and the Shi’ar home world is Chandilar, sorry.   After that triumph there is what was like an end of credits scene with Gladiator and his counsel and they come to the conclusion that the invading force was invading their world because they were actually running away from something “evil”!

Anyway, this issue was what I call a conduit book that will most likely connect to some other story line that Jonathan Hickman has coming up.  I just hope that its good whatever it is, but it was a cool issue because a new character was introduced into the Marvel U and some old ones were brought back too.

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