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Coming Soon: Ravina the Witch? from Titan Comics

Titan Comics is excited to announce a brand-new fully-illustrated, devilishly dark fantasy tale from world-renowned visual artist Junko Mizuno (Pure Trance). Titled Ravina the Witch?, it’s a gothic modern fairy-tale inspired by folk legends and the work of the Brothers Grimm & Han...


Coming Soon: Masked #1 from Titan Comics

Titan is excited to reveal Masked #1 – a new comic series written by author Serge Lehmen (Metropolis) with stunning art by Stéphane Créty (Star Wars), this series is a thrilling sci-fi action thriller of surveillance and powers. The debut issue of...


The End is Crystal Clear

It Happened One Doomsday By Laurence MacNaughton Magic is alive and well in the Mile High City. Actually it is real and alive everywhere, and a handful of sorcerers wield its power. Fortunately most of...