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Coming Soon: Crackle’s SuperMansion from Titan Comics

Titan Comics is excited to announce that Crackle’s SuperMansion, the hit stop-motion animated comedy series from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios with Bryan Cranston (Trumbo, Breaking Bad), Seth Green (Buffy, Robot Chicken), and Jillian Bell (Workaholics), as well as Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele) and Chris Pine (Star...


Coming Soon: Ravina the Witch? from Titan Comics

Titan Comics is excited to announce a brand-new fully-illustrated, devilishly dark fantasy tale from world-renowned visual artist Junko Mizuno (Pure Trance). Titled Ravina the Witch?, it’s a gothic modern fairy-tale inspired by folk legends and the work of the Brothers Grimm & Han...


Coming Soon: Masked #1 from Titan Comics

Titan is excited to reveal Masked #1 – a new comic series written by author Serge Lehmen (Metropolis) with stunning art by Stéphane Créty (Star Wars), this series is a thrilling sci-fi action thriller of surveillance and powers. The debut issue of...