The Heroes of Dead Island Riptide: Logan

Dead Island RiptideEvery day leading up to the release of Dead Island Riptide, I’ll be (re)introducing you to one of the five “immune.” We’ll take a brief look at their skill trees and I’ll give you some tips that’ll help you decide if you want to play as them, or not.

First up is Logan.

Logan Carter is a has been. He was once a pro football quarterback for one of the Texas teams. He was into drugs, alcohol, women, and fast cars. He was a famous womanizer who got everything he wanted, but that car crash some years ago ended all of that that. The “accident” took the passenger’s life, and his life has been in a downward spiral ever since. He spent his post-Football life an alcoholic and pain-killer addict. His name still had some weight though. That’s why he was on Banoi to begin with. What was supposed to be a simple paycheck turned into the worst experience of his life.

DIP Logan

[quote]When you’re saving some terrified sumbitch’s ass, you don’t have time to wallow in self pity. There’s a lesson there. Shit. I’m not sure exactly what is it. I’m not that fucking smart.”[/quote]

Logan is probably the most fun to play with. I’d say he’s in the top five for sure. His skills as a quarterback come into play when you make use of his Boomerang skill. With it fully leveled, there’s a 50% chance that any thrown weapon will immediately be retrieved. You mix that up with Mighty Throw (15% higher throw damage) and Mass Driver (throwing range +7.5m) and you can rack up with kills at a nice distance.

Logan is a jack-of-all-trades (master of none) with all weapon types. He knows his way around his weapons, but lacks the skill the other characters have. With that in mind, I suggest you stick to one-handed weapons. Keep a couple to throw at incoming enemies and one to hold them off in case Boomerang doesn’t kick in.

Logan was, and still is, a party animal living the glamorous life. So don’t waste your alcohol on molotov cocktails. Drink it. When Logan is drunk, his Drunken Master skill can increase his damage by 60%. His group fury skill is no joke either. With three points in Rich and Glam, the whole group’s Fury is extended to 60 seconds, experience gained goes up 400% and loot by 600%. That’s what its like to party like a rock star!

Daniel Lee

Daniel Shatto was always a gamer. He grew up stomping Koopa Troopers with Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom, shooting down wild robots in Robot City with Megaman, and exploring the fields of Hyrule with Link. After several years of being way too busy, Daniel is currently on a quest to catch up on years of role playing games.

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