The Heroes of Dead Island Riptide: Xian

Dead Island RiptideEvery day leading up to the release of Dead Island Riptide, I’ll be (re)introducing you to one of the five “immune.” We’ll take a brief look at their skill trees and I’ll give you some tips that’ll help you decide if you want to play as them, or not.

Now, let’s take a look at Xian Mei.

Xian Mei is pretty much like Jackie Chan from Rush Hour. Her dad was a famous Chinese police officer who was killed in a drug bust. And… umm… Okay so aside from being the child of a Chinese police detective, they have nothing in common. Sorry. In the wake of her father’s death, Xian vowed that she would be the best police detective there ever was. One problem though. The men don’t like appearing inferior. They decided to parade Xian in front of the press as a pr move. Shortly afterward, they sent to to Banoi to “spy” on wealthy tourists. It was just a reason to get her out of their hair. And if she tried going home without her superior’s permission, her family’s name would be shamed.

Xian Mei[quote]No one can deny who I am. What I’ve done. What I’m capable of. I thought I needed to prove my worth to my superiors. But now I know they are not, and never were, my superiors.”[/quote]

The easiest way to describe Xian Mei would be to call her the rogue of the group. Her skill with bladed weapons can’t be matched. With points in her combat skill tree she can greatly increase her damage output, critical chance, and critical damage with bladed weapons. And if you’re playing in a group, then make sure to level up the Backstab skill. Your 60% increase in damage will thank you. If you fear all your extra damage will attract enemy attention, then put a couple points into the Spectre skill to greatly reduce your threat. If not, then go for the Stroke of Luck skill to give yourself a 4.5% chance to instantly kill anything. Snik’t!

If you’re going to play as Xian, you’ll need to be quick. Her survival skill tree will help you with that. If you keep going down the tree, medkits will become 75% more effective. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put some points into the Vampire and Endurance. If you do that, you will gain stamina for each kill while losing less stamina in the fight. It keeps you going. Also, Choice Cuts will give you a 4X xp boost when you amputate limbs. So hack away!

Daniel Lee

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