Defiance Beta Keys and Swag Available for Raptr Users

Gamers, listen up! Starting today, registered Raptr users are eligible for one of 1,000 available beta codes for the online, open-world shooter Defiance. In addition, any gamer who earns a beta code through this Raptr Reward is also entered to win the exclusive VBI Ark Hunter Kit or other Defiance game swag.

In Defiance, players embark on a journey into a futuristic online open-world shooter where the survival of Earth relies on their skills as an Ark Hunter, as they level up in massive co-op battles and fierce multiplayer. Players can hunt alone while improving skills and unlocking powerful modern and alien weaponry that is essential for survival in the constantly evolving online world. Unique to the game, the ever changing world of Defiance impacts, and is impacted by, the Defiance television series on SyFy.

When we first saw bits of the Defiance video game at the 2012 E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California, we were intrigued by the premise that outside influences would have a severe and grand impact on the open-world game being developed in conjunction with the series. It seemed like something that hadn’t been done before and it piqued our interest enough to continue following all the new developments of Defiance since then.

The beta event starts this weekend, from Friday, January 18 at 8 AM PST through Sunday, January 20 at 9 PM PST. Join Raptr now to qualify for this and other rewards!

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Raptr Reward tree for Defiance!

Raptr Reward tree for Defiance!

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