Didn’t Get What You Want for Christmas? No Problem with After Christmas Sales

Sometimes, even when you make a list that includes links to Amazon, Santa doesn’t always bring you what you want. But that’s why the godless heathens of the marketing and retail world invented day-after-Christmas sales! Exchange that ugly sweater from Aunt Marge and get something good! Here’s a list of some stores offering sales starting tomorrow.

  • JC Penney – $10 off $25 or more with a coupon from their website/in their Christmas circular.
  • Macy’s – $10 off $25 or more with circular coupon or printed at Macys.com.
  • Kmart – 50 cents per gallon gas discount for “Shop Your Way” members when you buy $25 worth of Procter and Gamble products.
  • Best Buy – Buy 2 Xbone or PS4 games or controllers online and get a free $25 gift card.
  • Walmart – Nindendo 3DS XL from $199.96 plus a $50 Walmart gift card.
  • Toys R Us – Buy one get one 40% off on many toys.
  • Old Navy – Up to 75% off in stores and 60% off online.
  • Woot – $35 for Roku 2 XD (while they last, on sale today!)

For a great list of coupons and sales, check out the Editors’ Choice list from Deal News.

Tiarra Joslyn

In a hole in the ground lived a Tiarra. Well, actually, it was a house in a valley called Las Vegas, but who’s keeping track? Desiring adventure, unlike many Las Vegas natives, Tiarra married the love of her life and took an unexpected journey across the country to live in the DC Metro area. Her hobbies include crocheting, singing songs to her cats, and Fus Roh Dah-ing dragons. What Tiarra doesn’t know about Star Trek isn’t worth knowing.

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