Emmys 2013 Recap: Reality vs. Expectations

This is just going to be a list of the winners in contrast with what I expected and my initial (and hopefully brief) reactions.

Supporting Actress

Expected: Mayim Bialik

Actual: Merritt Weaver

Shock factor:  eh, not a lot, but I’m still disappointed. No Anna Chlumsky or Jane Krakowski.. :(

merrit weaver emmys 2013

I guess she’s on Nurse Jackie? I have no thoughts, or ideas of who this woman is or this show.. However,  a pretty impressive acceptance speech.


Supporting Comedic Actor

Expected: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Actual Tony Hale

Shock Factor:  Whoa!  Awesome!!!

Modern Family was expected considering it’s 3 nominations, so this was a nice surprise.  No one can deny the excellence of Ed O’neil, JTF, and Ty Burrell but Tony Hale FTW!  One has to wonder, is this an award for acknowledgement of his genius overall, *cough Arrested Development* or his excellence on Veep? Either way I’m pretty satisfied.  (My dark horse favorite, was Bill Hader.)


Comedic Actress

Expected: Tina Fey

Winner: Julia Louis Dreyfus!

Shock Factor:  Dang!

Julia Louis Dreyfus emmys 2013

A long time coming for her most recent role, the former Seinfeldian genius is currently killing it on Veep, but Tina Fey has been a long time critical (and cultural) darling who was absolutely expected to win for her last  season send-off. Julia’s portrayal of the perpetual egoist Selina, had an excellent acceptance speech that included Tony Hale as Gary…


Best Writing for a comedy series

Expected: Greg Daniels for the Office finale

Actual: Tina Fey and Tracey Wigfield

Shock Factor: Slightly, a nod, but then a smile. of acceptance.

Somehow, I still have quite a bit of faith in NBC’s comedies, so while I was expecting The Office, but I am pleasantly surprised about 30 Rock, Tina Fey is a modern day comedy goddess.. however Amy Poehler, is equal if not just slightly more abstract and odd, which maybe why she did not win.


Guest Director in a comedy series 

Expected: Louis C.K.

Winner: Gail Mancuso Modern Family.

Shock factor:  Eh, kind of expected No thoughts again, but i’m sure she’s great… yeah, that sounds good enough.


Outstanding lead in a comedic series

Expected: Alec Baldwin

Actual: Jim Parsons

Shock factor: Nope, nothing. This will be the 3rd time in a row that Jim Parson has won.  The actor is good enough, but I can’t really get past being annoyed at anything Chuck Lorre touches.


Outstanding Comedic Guest Actor

Expected: Bob Newhart

Actual: Bob Newhart

Shock factor:  Abso-god-damn-loutely!  Why did it take this long for a comedian of his caliber to get this?  WHY?

Bob Newhart’s FIRST EMMY?  That’s preposterous, I loved his work for a long time. But then again, being labeled a “comedian’s comedian” isn’t necessarily a good indicator of mainstream acceptance.   This award read more like; well, we fucked up by not having him win anything in the past, so we may as well do this for him now.  It’s kinda sad really.


Outstanding Comedic Guest Actress

Expected: Molly Shannon

Actual: Melissa Leo

Shock Factor: Not really.. But I dunno, I was gunning for Melissa McCarthy for her SNL hosting.


Best Female in a Mini-Series

Expected: Jessica Lange or Sigourney Weaver

Actual: Laura Linney

Shock Factor: ummm yeah!

The Big C: Hereafter kicked my ass!  I loved the show from the beginning so of course I watched the finale, even though it definitely felt like the creator abandoned it, (which I’m pretty sure did happen) but nonetheless I watched and loved it.  I  have loved Laura Linney for quite sometime;  since she kicked my ass in the Truman Show; full disclosure, I was too scared to watch Congo all the way through.. what? I was 8.


Best Dramatic Writing

Expected: Rains of Castamere


Shock factor: Unfortunately, none.

It’s just a potboiler guys!  It’s just a god damn potboiler. I just can’t with this you guys and gals. I can’t.


Best Dramatic Supporting Actress

True Blood

The only people that seriously give a damn about Sookie Stackhouse’s well being are FICTIONAL.

Expected: Maggie Smith

Actual: Anna Gunn!

Shock factor: Holy crap!

Holy crap, someone won something over Dame Maggie Smith…  Sidebar, they just showed the True Blood cast right behind Breaking Bad what kind of sick fuck decided that seating arrangement?   Sookie Stackhouse is so jealous right now you guys… So so jealous.    

Anyway, Anna Gunn has killed it over there at Breaking Bad, and I’m not one to buy in to all the Skyler hate. I bought all of the agony of her character, her performance has been devastating and brilliant.


“Halftime” song

neil patrick harris emmys 2013

*cut to nation collectively rolling its eyes*


Best Reality Show

Expected: Top Chef

Actual:  The Voice

Shock Factor: Sort of, Top Chef, has been a consistent winner in this category.

The mere fact that this category exists make me cringe.  A sad state of affairs that we have this many reality shows to choose from… However, I did watch Top Chef, because I’m all about some food porn..  (Is that weird?)


Best Supporting Dramatic Actor

Expected: Aaron Paul or Mandy Patainkin

Actual: Bobby Canavale

Shock factor: Eyebrow raising, and an audible (hmmmm), Interesting,  I loved him in Blue Jasmine, but I don’t really watch Boardwalk Empire. I’m not too upset about this since, well, the award love should be spread around to upcoming talent as well. ( Although, I was extremely hoping for Peter Dinklage, but whatevs, he’s got time).


Best Dramatic Actor

Expected: Bryan Cranston

Actual: Jeff Daniels

Shock factor:  Well Damn.

Or as he said, “well crap” when he walked up. I’m pretty impressed with this one folks, I thought he was excellent in The Newsroom, even though I thought this past season was blegh. Like the above category, Cranston got his Breaking Bad love, and will continue to get it. I’m not too worried about his ego.



breaking bad emmys 2013

Why are there all the performances, when best music for a tv series doesn’t get any love? (On screen at least, view a list of the complete technical wins can be found here. ) Also, no one. NO ONE should cover “Yesterday” by The Beatles. That’s like creating a new  Mona Lisa,  just back the fuck off Carrie Underwood.

Sigh, and lest we forget… Breaking Bad dubstep, that we all needed. (see above).

Best Dramatic Actress

Expected: Claire Danes


Anne Hathaway as Claire Danes

Anne Hathaway as Claire Danes

Shock factor perfectly summed up by my fiancee: “ If fucking Clarie Danes wins for Homeland again I think I’m gonna kill myself….{ wins} OH MY GODDDDDDDD  WHY!” Who cares if she is an accomplished dancer? Fuck that, Anyway…


Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama

Expected: Harry Hamlin

Shock factor: It’s Harry fucking Hamlin… COME ON! (as GOB would say).

Actual: Dan Bucantinsky

Eh, the internet will not shut up about Scandal, so why not?


Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama

Expected: Diana Rigg, or Linda Cardellini

Actual:  Carrie Preston Huh, I guess Terry died for a reason on True Blood… huh. Oh wait, she won for the Good Wife.

Shock factor: Absolutely…

I’m sad about this one, I was really hoping for Linda Cardellini, who played her tortured character extremely well on Mad Men, but  I haven’t see the Good Wife, so I can’t really judge it.


Outstanding Guest Director

Expected: David Fincher

Actual: David Fincher

A no brainer, but I completely love his work so… no complaints here.


Outstanding Comedy Writing

Expected: Daily Show

Actual: Colbert Report

Shock Factor: Whoa…. Daily Show always wins!

What a hilarious little segment,  although my favorite part of it was with Bill Mahr’s team with the Child Beauty pageant people.  (shudder)


Best Variety

Expected: Daily Show

Actual: SNL

Shock factor: Nice… just nice, although this is a credit to the episode with JT as the host, Did that guy just direct this one episode? Either way, I’m pretty ecstatic about this.. that’s right, ecstatic!


Best In Memoriam Scene

(I’m probably, definitely, going to hell for this).

Expected: James Gandolfini

Actual: Robin Williams for Jonathan Winters, BUT WHY IS THIS A THING NOW?  I thought this was just for the Oscars, but, I guess not.


Best Choreography

Expected: Glee or something, I dunno.

Actual: Dancing with Stars Derek Hough….. Sure, why not?  I’m sure he’s awesome.  And I really did enjoy that sequenced that just aired; even if it was bait for dubstep addicted younger, nameless demographics and viewers to keep paying attention.

Half cry for help, half legit performance.


Outstanding Reality Hosts

Actual: Tim Gunn and Heidi Klumm.

Tim Gunn deserves every award.. every single one.


Outstanding Variety Series

Expected: Daily Show

Actual: The Colbert Report

Shock factor: An audible “Sweet!” Laugh all you want internet… this made me happy.

After being fortunate enough #humblebrag to see both, the Colbert Report and the Daily Show live, I can concretely say that Colbert and his staff  have more fun playing around on set, and I’m so excited to see them get what I believe is absolutely a deserved award.


Best Green Room Interviewer

NOT THIS GUY, super super awkward… And bro, if you can out awkward Allison Janney, that’s impressive.

Allison Janney, 10 things I hate about you,

Allison Janney in 10 Things I Hate About You,


Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or Movie

Expected: Behind the Candelabra

Actual: The Hour

Shock factor: none really.



Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

Expected: Zach Quinto

Actual: James Cromwell

Shock factor: a little… It’s hard because like the Oscar shorts, it’s like you catch these, or they are gone forever… FOREVER.

My dark  horse here was John Benjamin Hickey… What?  I love me some Big C, alright?


Most Applause During In Memoriam Sequence

Expected: Larry Hagman

Actual: Roger Ebert tied with Jack Klugman

Although, Larry Hagman


Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries or Movie

Expected: Jane Campion

Actual: Steven Soderbergh



Best supporting actress in a Movie or Miniseries

Expected: Ellen Burstyn

Actual: Ellen Burstyn

Shock factor: not really, but i’m happy.

Nice, I love me some Ellen Burstyn!” I say, to the air blowing around me… no response.  Yup, that happened.


Best Actor in a Movie or Miniseries

Expected: Michael Douglas or Al Pacino

Actual: Michael Douglas 

Shock factor: None, which I’m completely fine with this…

Michael Douglas is fucking stellar in most everything he does, so no complaints here.


Outstanding Movie or Miniseries

Expected: Behind the Candelabra

Actual: Behind the Candelabra

Shock Factor: See previous comment. This one was another no brainer, but very glad to see a win here.


Best Comedy Series

Expected: (begrudgingly) Big Bang Theory or Modern Family

Actual: Modern Family

Shock factor:  Negative shock?

These people are unstoppable. For better and for worse. This just continues the “broader is better” mindset for comedy, which I am absolutely opposed to.  (Sorry, comedy nerd tangent here.)


Outstanding Drama

Expected: Breaking Bad (Edit, my first attempt at this resulted in a typo that read Breaking Bard….. My god, this, this would be amazing! Stay with me, a Meth dealing King Lear… You know what, never mind… not the time or the place. )

Actual: Breaking Bad

Shock factor: None bitch!

breaking bad 2 emmys 2013

Damn, it feels good to be in Breaking Bad right now. They deserve every second of the praise they are getting.


Overall: A little underwhelming, and very  expected.

The biggest surprises for me were Tony Hale, Colbert Report over Daily Show, and Anna Gunn… Everything else was fairly predictable.

Let me just clarify know that I don’t give a damn about sports, so the award shows are pretty much my big “games of the year” equivalent. Except if the Oscars are my Superbowl, does this make the Emmys my division championships?? I dunno.

kevin spacey emmys 2013

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