Even More Etrian Odyssey IV QR Codes

Etrian Odyssey IV

Now that Etrian Odyssey IV is out, Atlus, and a few other sites, have been sharing more QR codes for both items and quests. But enough talk. Have at you!

Please note that most of these quest codes are unavailable until either you reach B2F of Lush Woodlands or have unlocked the Cloudy Stronghold. Also, you can only receive one QR code quest at a time.

The Man-Eating Turtles, Eagle, and Deer codes come from Kevin VanOrd‘s Twitter account.
The Valley Spring and Frog Hunt come from RPgamer.com.
At RPGfan’s Behest comes from RPGfan.com… duh
The rest come from Atlus themselves.

Happy hunting!

Daniel Lee

Daniel Shatto was always a gamer. He grew up stomping Koopa Troopers with Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom, shooting down wild robots in Robot City with Megaman, and exploring the fields of Hyrule with Link. After several years of being way too busy, Daniel is currently on a quest to catch up on years of role playing games.

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