Game Review: Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends

Developer: Spacetime Studios
Publisher: Spacetime Studios
Platforms: Android, iOS, PC
Reviewed on: Android
Availability: Out now


So, now that I have spent the better portion of a month playing Arcane Legends on my Android mobile device, I feel that I have enough information to make a decisive choice on whether the game is worth playing or is something  you should skip entirely. Usually, in-game purchases really affect my decision at this point, but given that you are not required to make any such transactions in the game, and you can do just as well playing through the game without having to make any, I would have to say that Arcane Legends is definitely worth playing through if you want a full MMO experience on your mobile device.


Create your own custom warrior from three classes.

Create your own custom warrior from three classes.

From Spacetime Studios, the makers of Pocket Legends, Space Legends and Dark Legends, Arcane Legends drops you in the middle of a mystical world that you must save, with the help of your fellow explorers, by completing quest and missions and using a very fluid and detailed RPG leveling system to make your character powerful enough to handle the adventures that await him. You start off by choosing a character from one of three classes – rogue, warrior or sorcerer – and a pet that helps you fight and collect loot from fallen enemies. While I am on the subject of pets, as you encounter new and varied pet selections, you can choose from those you have collected and you will notice how each of their abilities help you in different ways throughout the game, as you get a handle on their unique level-up processes.

To be honest, if you have ever played any kind of fantasy MMORPG out there, you should be quite familiar with the formula of Arcane Legends. What makes Arcane Legends special is that they’ve managed to simplify the formula to work on mobile devices without dumbing down the gameplay. You still have your magic, items, and weapon selections available to you – as you would in a full MMORPG on the PC – but you don’t have the macros or crowded status and effect bars that can clutter a portion of your screen. You do have a corner macros-type bar that you use to make your selections and this works great on the smaller screens you will probably be playing the game on. (Note: There is a PC version available, but I have found that the game is definitely more fun as a mobile MMO than one on your PC.)

Movement is also controlled by another corner button that acts like a “virtual joystick” to move your character. At first, I was a bit clumsy with this type of control scheme, but I did get the hang of it after about an hour or two. But that is probably because of the size of the screen I was playing on. So, you big boys and girls out there, take note: if you have big thumbs and hands like I do, you will have to use finesse to move around in the game. Maybe on bigger mobile devices it isn’t such a big deal, but on my cell phone it certainly was something I had to get accustomed to. That little hiccup aside, I really have no other complaints about the game.


Battle to save your world from the evil and villainy that has gripped it.

Battle to save your world from the evil and villainy that has gripped it.

As with most games for mobile devices, they are limited by the technology of the particular device and whatit can display, and Arcane Legends seems to be no different. However, it makes the most of its specific platform and maximizes the MMO experience of previous games I have played on them. If you are a mobile gamer looking for a game that delivers that immersive MMO feel in a short amount of time, Arcane Legends may be right up your alley. Even if you are not a mobile gamer, give this one a try. It never ceases to surprise just how much the mobile platforms are becoming a viable gaming platform. I know that for years mobile gaming has steadily improved, but in my personal experience over the last couple of years, mobile games have really improved by leaps and bounds in this field. As such, Spacetime Studios has picked the best time to release such an ambitious game and it seems to have paid off in terms of playability, accessibility and functionality.


Review Grade:  B-

Richard Cardenas

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