Have Your Wedding and be Geeky, Too!

Dan and I got married back in July, and in the weeks up to the big day, I wrote a lot about it in my Geek Life column Bride & Geek. As there are many of you out there that may be new readers since Geek Life and nFamous merged, I felt like now would be a good opportunity to recap many of the geeky highlights from my wedding, including some pictures and other tidbits I left out before.

I know a few people who are easily as geeky as I am, yet their wedding was pretty “normal” — exactly what you’d expect from a wedding with no indication whatsoever that the two people getting married were extremely geeky. That’s just not my style; and I suspect that Dan was more than happy to indulge me when it came to incorporating our passions into our wedding. So, here is a collection of many of the geeky things we included in our wedding. Some were subtle, some not so much.

The Stationery

Dan and I are both big Doctor Who fans. When sending out our invitations, I wanted to do something that was cool, and a little original, but very subtly gave a nod to Doctor Who. Here’s what I came up with (yes, I designed all of our stationery myself; I’m a graphic designer, after all):

3D Wedding Invitation


Our wedding invitations were a nod to the Tenth Doctor and the episode “Army of Ghosts,” where the Doctor uses red and blue anaglyphic 3D glasses to let him see “void stuff.” That’s a technical term. Ten was also fond of saying “allons-y” (al-on-zee), which means “let’s go” in French, so what better way to rally the troups (AKA our friends) to come to our wedding?

The invitations read:

The RSVP card.

The RSVP card.

You are totally invited
to the wedding of
Tiarra Wantz
& Daniel Joslyn
Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
at 6 o’clock in the evening
Sunset Gardens
3931 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Ceremony followed by dinner, drinks,
and awkward but enthusiastic dancing

The RSVP card is where we not-so-subtly add an homage to my all time favorite series of television series: Star Trek. The card lets people RSVP with “Make it so. ____ guest(s) to beam up” or “KHAAAANnot attend. Sends regrets.”

This wasn’t the only geeky stationery we invested in. We also sent out announcements and thank you cards that were Doctor Who-themed:

wedding18 copy wedding14 copy
I used the same design for the announcements and the thank you cards since, well, we weren’t sending them to the same people!

Note: If you are interested in purchasing this design, it’s available for sale at my Etsy store. Click here.

The Music

People walk down the aisle to a variety of music. There are plenty of traditional songs that you can have played when you make your way down the aisle. Traditional is boring.

wedding21 copyWe chose a variety of songs for our wedding processional. We had a procession line that’s a little different from the more traditional lineup, so why not make our music a little less traditional as well? Here’s our full list of music:

Prelude/Groomsmen Processional:
“The Mad Man With A Box” (Doctor Who)

Groom’s Processional:
“I Am The Doctor” (Doctor Who)

Bridesmaid Processional:
“Main Title/Locutus” (Star Trek: First Contact)

Bride’s Processional:
“The Fellowship Reunited” (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King)

“Main Theme” (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Because I’m a big Beatles fan, our first dance and last dance were Beatles related. Well, our first dance was to “Grow Old With Me” by John Lennon, and our last dance was “In My Life” by the Beatles. We also made a list of some of our favorite songs for the DJ to play, which we gave him ahead of time. It would have been nice if he’d read it, though, since he didn’t have the song we intended as our last dance — but I digress.

Something Borrowed, Something TARDIS Blue

quarks-150x150We had a lot of smaller touches of geekiness here and there in our wedding. For favors, our mate (and the fine chap who introduced us) Rob Kidman sent over bags of Jelly Babies from London. Unfortunately, it only took 20 minutes of Las Vegas weather to melt them all. So, instead, we went and found large gummy bears to use as favors, along with little bottles of bubbles, and match books from Quark’s Bar — the restaurant that was once the center piece of the Promenade in the now-defunct Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas.

il_fullxfull.435734203_nskoDan didn’t wear just any cufflinks with his tux for our wedding. Instead, he had TARDIS cufflinks that we bought from a great seller on Etsy. They were the perfect touch! Along with his TARDIS cufflinks, Dan wore a Starfleet communicator badge on his lapel across from his corsage.

Although these were all great, geeky tidbits, the pièce de résistance was our cake topper. Too large to actually sit on our cake, it consisted of two pieces: a cake topper with a bride and groom running together and a scale model TARDIS. We arranged them together so that it would look like the bride and groom from the topper were entering the TARDIS. I even used acrylic paint to paint the bride’s hair to match my own. It sat on the table next to our cake — which was a delicious blue velvet.


Because I get asked this a lot, let me answer your next question: I got the cake topper here and the TARDIS here. It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? We still have both of these pieces, displayed proudly on one of our book shelves. We decided to put the bag with the glass shards (from the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony) inside of the TARDIS. Now it’s there for all of time and space.

Long story short, you don’t have to hide your geek side in order to have a wedding. If you’re worried about your “normal” friends thinking things in your wedding are weird, don’t; we had a variety of different people, geeks and otherwise, at our wedding, and everything went off without a hitch! So, from this bride to any future brides, live long and prosper, and good luck with your wedding!


Tiarra Joslyn

For more great sci-fi content, reviews, and a little bit of fun graphic design, check out Tiarra's personal blog, Geeky by Design.

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  1. Hi, I’m getting married next october and my groom and i are planning a whovian wedding. I LOVE your thank you and announcement stationary. Do you happen to sell that graphic? I saw that you said you’re a graphic designer, I’d love to chat with you some more. Please feel free to email me at ashley.wise2010@gmail.com

  2. Heather says:

    Those of absolutly awesome! We are having our wedding in september of next year! I would also like to have a chat with you as well if you have the time. My email is Heather.Tew@med.navy.mil

  3. Amanda Rose says:

    Tiarra, I just wanted to express my complete love and devotion to you! You did our Save the Date magnets beautifully and here I was searching for a cake topper for our wedding cake and I happen upon this and you saving the day! You are a gentlewoman and a scholar and you have a fan and customer for life!

    • Aww. You’re making me blush, Amanda! I’m really happy that you liked the way the magnets turned out. I’m always happy when I can spread the joy of geekery with others! :)

  4. Kelly Szabo says:

    Yes I was wondering the same thing me and my soon to be husband are getting married next June on the 3rd and I was wondering about the invitations because we are having a whovian wedding. I as the one that got him into it and he loves the 10th doctor just as much as I did so I was wondering if could get some. Please contact me at thecrowelover21@hotmail.com Thank you

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