Google Maps for iOS is Back!

Google Maps for iOS

Google Maps for iOS

When iOS 6 came out, it caused quite a fuss. Google Maps, a well-known staple of map-users and directions-needers everywhere, disappeared, replaced by Apple’s own navigation app. While Apple’s Maps app allows for turn-by-turn navigation, it’s really wonky when it comes to searching for locations you don’t have the address for, gives crazy walking directions, and completely omits bus and metro directions — something that’s very important to those of us who live in big cities where the subway is the major mode of transportation.

Today, however, all of that changes. Google has made some tweaks to its Google Maps for iOS and it’s now available for download through the App Store.

Google Maps for iOS is easy to use. Type in the name of the place you want to go, or the address, and Google Maps will find it for you, just like its web-based counter-part. Slide up on the info bar at the bottom of the map to reveal the address, website, reviews, an ability to call the business, and more info. Tap on the upper right corner of this screen to get to the navigation, which will give you directions for car, bus/metro, or walking. With that, you’re quickly on your way — with live traffic updates.

More or less, it’s like the old Google Maps app that we all know and love, but sleeker and better than ever.

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  1. Thank the stars because I have heard nothing but bad things about Apple’s map apps from my friends and coworkers who have it on their newer iPhones.

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