Hidden Path Donates $20,000 in Games

2nd_Annual_Pinup419a80Hidden Path Entertainment, creators of the Defense Grid series, has donated one thousand codes for their Defense Grid: Containment Bundle on Steam! The donation will to be sent out as a part of military gaming charity Operation Supply Drop’s end-of-the-year 8-Bit Salute fundraising drive to build video game stuffed care packages for soldiers deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals!

“We are thrilled to support Operation Supply Drop this year. It is an honor to be involved with this great program,” said Shannon Gerritzen, Director of Communications & Marketing at Hidden Path Entertainment. Gerritzen added, “Please be sure to visit Operation Supply Drop’s website to see how you can help this program out.”

For more information about how you or your organization can get involved in helping out with this year’s 8-Bit Salute, please visit Operation Supply Drop.

Richard Cardenas

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