Justice League Canada: Some Likely Appearances

Recently, Jeff Lemire and DC have revealed their ongoing plans for the Justice League of America.  They’re moving to Canada!  Which, coincidentally, is the home country of Lemire himself, and this got me thinking.  Does DC have any Canadian superheroes?  What about any villains?  And, ultimately, what faces are we likely to see in this book?  Well, to answer that, I’ve compiled a list, because I refuse to believe that DC is simply moving the JLA to Canada without at least partially changing its roster of mostly Americans.

Justice LeagueFirst on my agenda was to find any likely Canadian heroes that are worthy of the mantle of Justice Leaguer.  I racked my brain for quite some time.  My thought was that Marvel has so many Canadians running around, i.e. Wolverine, Deadpool, not to mention the national team of Canada, Alpha Flight.  Surely, DC has a few noteworthy Canadians?  The answer is no.  DC has zero, and that must be the reason why the only confirmed member of the new team is Adam Strange, who is now retroactively a Canadian.  DC is so lacking that they had to change the origin of a known hero, which I’m cool with actually, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more characters end up this way.  Lemire has even hinted at creating a character for the team who would essentially be its Captain Canada. All that being said, though, during my search I did find a few likely superpowered candidates, all of the C-and D-list quality, who Lemire would do great with.

1.  Sparx

SparxFirst on my list is Sparx, who is actually part of the little-known Canadian hero team Family Force.  With an entire family of superheroes to choose from, you might ask, “Why Sparx?”  Simply put, she is the most widely known and published, so there.  Her powers are electrical manipulation and flight, and, unlike the rest of her family, she has adventured outside of Canada, to the far reaches of the universe and back, specifically with Superboy and the Ravers.

2.  Centrix

centrixCentrix is another noteworthy Canadian superhero.  With his force wave projection powers, he’s served with the Global Guardians off and on since 1994.  And that’s about all we know about him.

3.  Flying Fox

Flying FoxFlying Fox is a pretty cool character.  Originally a member of the Young All-Stars, a team who primarily fought Nazis in the 40s, Flying Fox could easily be updated in the New 52 era of DC.  Coming from the Canadian Arctic Circle, this fly fox inherits many mystic artifacts from his native people, most importantly a masked cape that allows him to fly.  He also has an aptitude for magic and illusion-casting.

4.  Frostbite

Young_Heroes_in_Love_Vol_1_7Frostbite is another character worth mentioning.  Originally a member of the Young Heroes, DC’s attempt at a superhero romantic comedy in the late 90s, Frostbite is an 80,000 year old elf with cold-manipulation powers who currently resides in Canada.  With a life span like that, think of all the characters this guy could have met throughout DC’s history.  From ancient Atlantean kings to the Demon Knights, i.e. Etrigan, Vandal Savage, and Madame Xanadu, this character has so much potential.





And that’s about it—four measly heroes who most people have never heard of, but that would leave a lot open to Lemire.  The positive side to this is that he wouldn’t be bogged down by continuity when writing his book.  He’d be free to create characters who would represent Canada in a way that only a Canadian could.  The bad news is that I find it highly unlikely that the entire JLA will actually be kicked to the curb as Lemire builds his own team.  The unfortunate truth is that readers don’t want to read about a roster of nobodies.  The book needs a group of A-listers simply to draw people in.  So, check back next week for my list of likely iconic Superheroes to stay with, be revamped, or simply join the Lemire’s Justice League Canada.

Daniel Jude Renard

Daniel Jude Renard grew-up with a third parent. Its name was television. He was taught to take nothing at face value and use analytical thought. Daniel spent his formative years in direct proximity to a crawfish pond. He’s a newly realized lover of cats. Nothing more needs to be said… for now.

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