Monopoly Fans Iron out the Details; WWIII to Follow

Tum Tum Monster Destroyer prepares his fighting position

Tum Tum Monster Destroyer prepares his fighting position

A few months back, I saw an article about the makers of Monopoly wanting to change out one of its iconic pieces. For those of us who grew up on the game, each of the game pieces has become an iconic part of our lives. Sure there are plenty of variations of the game of Monopoly, the standard game and its pieces and imagery have brought families together and torn them apart for decades.

This is not the first time the tokens have changed, and it won’t be the last. The key here is that Hasbro was smart enough to embrace the power of social media and let the fans decide. Associated Press reports that people from over 120 countries voted and the Scottie Dog (my favorite) received the most votes as a token to stay. The bottom vote getters were the shoe (Damn that shoe, die shoe, die!), the wheelbarrow and the iron. The voting was heated up until the last minute, and the people have spoken: the iron is out. I have no attachment positive or negative for the iron, so this news left me feeling neutral at best, however for those of you who love it, I will observe a moment of silence…

There were five newly proposed tokens which included a cat, a robot, a diamond ring, a helicopter and a guitar. The cat was declared the winner. It appears that while your cat may be plotting to kill you, feline power is still in full force. My family has three cats, so I was not surprised that kitty power prevailed. My biggest worry is that based on the popularity of the Scottie dog (it really should be a corgi) that the age old Cats vs. Dogs argument will spill onto the game board and divide our already polarized society even more.

Actually I’m really starting to get worried; this might be just the thing that causes the next world war. If fans from over 120 countries voted on the new cat piece that means that there is potential for strife between cat and dog lovers from 120 countries; that is over three quarters of the countries in the world. Based on the Cats vs. Dogs movies, I know that there is already a shadow war going on between these two four-legged species, but could this change to the Monopoly token be the final domino that drags us two-legged folks into the fray? When I started this article I was happy that the cat was chosen, now… I’m just scared.

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