Movie Snobs Movie Pop Culture Showdown 2013 Round One

moviepopcultureSome of you may or may not be familiar with Confessions of a Movie Snob; if not, here is the deal: this site is run by Ethan Parker, the founder of Kantcon and a member of the Gamers Haven podcast. Ethan works with Aaron Hoover, who, as the site describes him, is… Aaron. I had the honor and privilege to be a part of their discussion of the Die Hard franchise a week or so ago and while we we recording Ethan mentioned the Movie Pop Culture Showdown 2013. Wait, movies, yea our site does that, showdowns hey we do those as well (even if Picard wins everything, even if he shouldn’t…) and the showdown even has the words pop and culture in it. It is like long lost cousins from another mother’s former college roommate’s former dog’s owner. This is one showdown I just knew we had to link to!

So the sick little monkey mind of Ethan Parker has come up with a VS list that had me laughing, crying and gnashing my teeth. So it is simple if you want to get in on a geeky bracket, head over to Confessions of a Movie Snob, click on the Movie Pop Culture Showdown, and vote! Now here is where it gets fun: after you vote write down a few of your choices, come over to the Pop Cults Facebook page and let us know why you voted for the person or people you voted for (no novels just a few good reasons), and, if you want, include your prediction for who you think the overall winner will be. The Pop Cults staff will then judge the entries and determine a winner, the winner will receive a book from the growing collection of review copies that are taking up way too much room at my house. We might end up with several awards and friends and family members of the Pop Cults team are eligible, enter as often as you want, but please enter. Here is an example of what the face book posting might look like.

Movie Pop Culture Showdown: In round one I voted for Buckaroo Banzi over Axel Foley because Buckaroo, plays guitar, is a brain surgeon, knows martial arts and has the ability to travel to different dimensions and not matter where he goes, there he is. Axel only has his wits, a Lions jacket and a Donkey’s voice. Buckaroo for the win!

The more people that enter the more fun this will be, head over and vote, then let us know who you voted for and why!

Cape Rust

Cape Rust is an international man of thespionage. Being a fat, bald version of James Bond, his geek interests are wide (like his belly) and varied. His collection of gadgets (electronic and travel related) are only rivaled by the amount of pockets found on most items of clothing he wears. Other geek interests include RPGs, PC gaming, enormous Corgis, and Community theater.

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  1. Ethan Parker says:

    We did this last year, and it ended with an epic battle between Indiana Jones and Ash … until Bruce Campbell responded to a tweet about it and Indy was defeated.

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