Neverwinter PVP First Impressions

nw_logoI was fortunate enough to be invited to a PVP preview event for the Neverwinter beta, which just wrapped up a few minutes ago. Neverwinter is an upcoming free to play D&D MMORPG from Cryptic, the creators of the Star Trek Online MMO. The game takes the kind of “Farmville” route of gaming, wherein you can play for free, but you have to pay cash if you want to buy all of the add-ons, extras, and goodies such as “wedding dresses and things like that,” according to the developer I had an opportunity to party and play with.

Of course, being the stubborn person that I am, I decided to roll a cleric to play. I spent years of my life on WoW as a priest, and my actual D&D character was a cleric way back when I actually did tabletop game, so why not? The downside to this is that being specced for healing doesn’t really work as well in PVP, as one might guess.

Or does it?

nw_gameplayThe advantage to being a cleric inside of the realm of PVP was that I could heal. You can’t use potions in PVP, which means I actually fought and took down a nasty looking warrior at one point when he was trying to take one of our bases because I was able to keep hitting him and hitting him while simultaneously busting out the heals. In my long career of MMO playing, I’ve never really been into PVP that much, but I have to admit that having this upper-hand really did help.

Something rather sinister (and yet oh so fun) about PVP is the killing blow. When you take out a member of the opposing team, you can strike him or her down with a killing blow, which makes it take much longer for him/her to respawn — which is definitely an advantage for your team when trying to take bases.

I also thought it was interesting to note that you can level solely from doing PVP — of course, you have to be level 10 to be able to join in any PVP campaigns, but after those first 9 levels, you can just PVP for the entire game and ignore any of the role playing aspects if you so desire. Like with other games, PVP earns you tokens that you can turn in for armor and weapons to help as you level up.

As this was my first time playing Neverwinter (I didn’t get into the beta before), it was all a real rush of emotion for me as I tried to very quickly learn the mechanics of the game. Camera control and targeting is still a little beyond me. Overall, however, I had a lot of fun.Who knows? Maybe I’ll give PVP a try again this weekend when the third beta weekend begins on Friday, March 22. If you’re signed up already, make sure you don’t miss it! And if you enjoy MMOs and D&D, Neverwinter is definitely a game to try out when you can, whether or not PVP is your cup of tea.

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  1. PvP in MMOs have gotten A LOT better over the years. I loved the PvP in Warhammer Online as well as Guild Wars 2. When it feels like I’m getting two games in one package, I am a happy boy.

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