Nyko Ups Nintendo’s Game at This Year’s CES

Nyko has long been a trusted name in gaming accessories and peripherals. Whenever a new console is released, they are right there to customize and improve your personal experience.

This year at CES, Nyko is showcasing its new Wii U line of products, and it looks to be a strong one (as usual).

One new problem I’ve come across is that I have too many cables coming out of my entertainment system. My consoles are all wireless, but my Wii U uses a plug, my gamepad needs a plug to charge, and my rechargeable controllers also use a plug. Counting my TV, and other boxes, I’m full. I can’t just add more and more power strips because that would just add to the mess. Well, Nyko is here to help. Let’s check out their new charge stations.

Charge Station U
The Charge Station U is a cradle that charges both your gamepad and two Wiimotes simultaneously. Each of the controllers can easily drop into the station for ease of use. The station can also be adjusted for multiple viewing angles so you can watch TVii or Netflix easily.

Charge Base Pro
Now the Charge Base Pro is a charger for your Wii U Pro controllers. It can charge two controllers at once and it has two magnetic charger adapters for quick and convenient use. What’s best is that you can plug it straight into your Wii U for power.

Pro Commander
The Nyko Pro Commander is the controller the Wii U pro controller should be. First off, the thumbsticks have a configuration similar to the 360. It holds a charge of up to 25 hours and can be recharged via usb cable just like a PS3 controller.

What’s the biggest problem with the Wii U gamepad? If you said the battery life, then you are correct sir! Well, Nyko’s UBoost is designed to help with just that! It is a rechargeable add-on to the gamepad that doubles the battery life, installs easily into your existing gamepad, and fits into the existing 1st party charger. Sounds like a win-win.

Check out Nyko’s site for a full list of their existing products and come on back for a more in-depth review when these products launch!

Daniel Lee

Daniel Shatto was always a gamer. He grew up stomping Koopa Troopers with Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom, shooting down wild robots in Robot City with Megaman, and exploring the fields of Hyrule with Link. After several years of being way too busy, Daniel is currently on a quest to catch up on years of role playing games.

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  1. I really like the size and ergonomic contour of the Pro Commander controller and prefer it over the Nintendo controller.

  1. Mar 21, 2013

    […] this year, at CES, Nyko unveiled their line of accessories for the Wii U. I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time […]

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