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Richard Cardenas

Richard CardenasCreated in a lab in Tijuana, Mexico, or cloned in a test tube in Torrance, CA, depending on which story you think is a better origin, Richard is, if such a thing exist, a second generation nerd. The son of a man who loved sci-fi, comic books and horror, and a woman who loved making costumes, reading sci-fi novels and watching cartoons, Richard was exposed to all this and more since a very young age.

Wrapped in Star Wars sheets, clothed in home-made Spider-man PJs, quoting films like Halloween and Suspira, and dreaming dreams of Yavin IV and Mirror Universes was the norm for him during childhood. And branching out into other aspects of geek culture just seemed like a normal process. His father and mother encouraged his videogame and computer habits, they imported Japanese anime for him from relatives overseas, and let him attend local sci-fi and comic cons to meet others with similar interest. Because of all this, Richard grew up thinking that “geek” culture was the normal way of life.

Even when his bubble was burst in high school he did not let that stop his love of all things geek. He just incorporated them into his life beyond that. His writing and artwork (or what you could kinda call art) all revolved around comics, games, anime… You get the picture. No one could dissuade him from his passions. Not even the occasional girlfriend. Despite being an all-around geek lover and anti-social elitist, he did eventually find a wife who happens to share many of the same passions that he does. Together with Desiree, he is now raising a small family that will be proud third generation geeks if early indications are correct. Maybe you might even see some of their works in future versions of Pop Cults someday.

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Tiarra Joslyn

Tiarra JoslynIn a hole in the ground lived a Tiarra. Well, actually, it was a house in a valley called Las Vegas, but who’s keeping track? Desiring adventure, unlike many Las Vegas natives, Tiarra married the love of her life and took an unexpected journey across the country to live in the Washington, DC Metro area. Her hobbies include knitting, crocheting, writing, and Fus Roh Dah-ing dragons. What Tiarra doesn’t know about Star Trek isn’t worth knowing.

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Chastity Irizarry

Chastity IrizarryBorn and raised in Brooklyn this New Yorker is currently making things happen one New York minute after another in Los Angeles.  She is not only a proud member of the founding team at Pop Cults but founder and president of Gamers United, and producer for Broken Pixels – mostly because she can’t stand to be bored. She makes time to contribute an article to Pop Cults, if something excites her. Chastity chronicles most of her life on NuyoRiquena.com.

Note: It took her a couple of months to complete this bio because she is always on the go.  Her favorite quote?  “There’s gonna be one speed… mine.  If you can’t keep up, don’t step up.

If you want to keep up, follow Chastity on Twitter: @Chastity

Chris Perry

Chris PerryHatched in a secret labratory in a seedy section of Stuttgart, Germany, Chris Perry was (according to his mother) destined to become; A) foul-mouthed B)an alcoholic and C)a writer. As Mrs. Perry likes to say today, “Well, shit, two outta three ain’t bad!” An avid fan of everything geek-tacular, Chris’ two great loves are movies and comic books, much to the dismay of his wife. He also attends séances, as his quest to contact the spirits of Jack Kirby, Walt Disney and Harry Houdini continues. There has been no success, thus far, aside from the sounds that Chris swears were grunts from Walt’s spirit at a recent gathering. Chris’ wife claims the “grunts” came from her and the accompanying odor was not the “scent of death”, as her husband still claims. (To this day, she refers to that experience as “The Curry Chicken Incident” and has sworn off the delicious dish for life.) Included among his other interests are video games, sci-fi television shows, action figures, movie props, social media and various cheeses from around the world. He is an aficionado of parentheses and ellipses and uses both with…reckless…abandon… (Get it?) He would also like you to know that he loves his wife more than all of that other stuff. It’s close but still…

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Daniel Lee Shatto

Daniel ShattoDaniel Shatto was always a gamer. He grew up stomping Koopa Troopers with Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom, shooting down wild robots in Robot City with Megaman, and exploring the fields of Hyrule with Link. He has Nintendo in his blood.

Although he’s never owned it, the Super Nintendo was (and still is) his favorite console. He would spend all his free time at his friend’s house where he discovered role playing games. It was love at first play. He ended up spending the next few years playing
through Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, and Legend of Mana.

As time went on, he found himself without the time to play many games at home so he got into handheld games. It wasn’t the allure of having a game on the go, he just always found himself either waiting on the bus, waiting for the tv to become available, or just waiting on someone. It was everywhere he needed it to be.

Later on, he ran out of time for most games but found his way towards comics. He started reading them around the time of Marvel’s Civil War series. He got into reading hard and fast. He read all he could. He caught up on years worth of stories at a time. He even had a podcast with Tiarra about them. She sad trombone’d him a lot.

Recently, he had a child. A beautiful baby girl. With her, came less free time. So he decided to drop his comics and reunite with his first love. That’s right! Video games are back and in a big way.

Daniel is currently on a quest to catch up on years of role playing games.

You can keep up with Daniel on Twitter at @HiMisterLee

Susan Carr

Susan CarrSusan is a self-proclaimed geek with a talent for writing. She has a myriad of interests which include cooking, computer games, science, space and technology, human and civil rights, burrowing owls and iguanas. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Susan can be found on Twitter as @Skeeter451


Cape Rust

Cape RustCape Rust is an international man of thespionage. Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, he joined the U.S. Army, where he served 12 years; six as a Military Policeman and six as an all source Military Intelligence Analyst (Yes he went from being a plain moron to an oxymoron! – And, no, you can’t spell mistake without “MI”). Being a fat, bald version of James Bond, his geek interests are wide (like his belly) and varied. His collection of gadgets (electronic and travel related) are only rivaled by the amount of pockets found on most items of clothing he wears. Other geek interests include RPGs, PC gaming, enormous Corgis, and Community theater. He currently is on the work release program in Leavenworth, Kansas where he lives with his partner in crime and wife (Code name “The Hottness”) and his two amazing Teenaged daughters (Codenames: Poncho Panda and Guitar Geek). Their lair is guarded by two cats of questionable sexual orientation and the largest Corgi ever.

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Daniel Joslyn

Daniel JoslynDaniel, son of David, was born in a land the elves called Lorgonath. Once, in a hidden valley, he met his true love, who now runs a website. His forefathers stormed the hidden fortress of Garad-Bal in the Second Age, though the tale is now veiled by the mists of time. Upon the Plain of Fargiliad he tamed the Great White Horse of Bosporian. He rid the Greywood from the deathly pall of the Unfortunate Sorcerer. The Fanged Beast of the Mordathor Mines slunk back to the Pit at the mere mention of his name. Then he took an arrow to the knee. Now he writes about TV and movies.

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Dezi Cardenas

Dezi CardenasGrowing up the oldest of six children is never easy; but Desiree did it and immediately took to books as an escape from the chaos that ensues when six children grow up together. A fan of romance and supernatural novels, her favorite authors include Dakota Cassidy and Sherrilyn Kenyon. In her teens, she also discovered the joy of anime and quickly became a fan of the Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena series. Eventually she would meet a guy nerdier than she was and introduced her to comic books and made her a more avid gamer than she was before. He also got her reacquainted with the sport of professional wrestling and now watches it every Monday and Friday. (You should see her swoon every time John Cena makes an appearance.) Soon they were married and they now have three children together. Still, in between her time as a mom and a photographer at Disneyland, she finds time to still indulge in her love of books, anime and video games. Talk about being busy, she even has time to contribute and article or two and is the go-to photographer for our site.

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Erinn Ashworth-Velez

Erinn ValezErinn Ashworth-Velez, aka ‘Rin,’ is an eclectic, tea drinking, strawberry obsessed 26-year old Canadian-born geek girl who lives in the US. Rin is a theatre arts graduate and aspiring photographer. She likes to write and draw, and does the odd bit of modeling when the opportunity arises. She is married to an active duty soldier in the US Army, and has a three-year old son. She loves playing video games (RPGs, MMORPGs, 2PF), watching anime, and reading manga, Shakespeare, vampire, and fantasy literature. She loves zombies and horror. Her favorite shows and movies are generally fantasy, sci-fi, alternative history, and period pieces. When playing games or writing, her race of preference is Elf. She is a sucker for cat memes and characters. She has a diverse taste in most things, most evidently reflected in her tastes in music and fashion. She loves period dress, especially medieval and Renaissance recreation. Gothic and Victorian fashion are a big influence in her character design and personal wardrobe and it’s no surprise that she likes the Lolita and Steampunk subcultures who draw inspiration from these time periods. She also loves retro and pinup fashions. One day, she hopes to be able to cosplay. Rin wasn’t allowed to play video games, watch cartoons, or read comics as a child and has spent most of her adult life on a quest to catch up on everything she missed out on while sharing the journey with her husband, and fellow geek, and now their son.

Daniel Jude Renard

Daniel Jude RenardDaniel Jude Renard grew-up with a third parent. Its name was television. He was taught to take nothing at face value and use analytical thought. Daniel spent his formative years in direct proximity to a crawfish pond. He’s a newly realized lover of cats. Nothing more needs to be said… for now.



Eliana “Elliterate” Bollati

Elli BollatiBorn about 10 years too late, Eliana aka Elliterate is determined to build a time machine so that she can live through the 80’s and go to parties name dropping Gary Gygax without her friends looking confused.

Her adventures in the world of Geekdom started out at the wee age of 5 when her Father and Brother’s told her to sit down and watch Star Wars with them, quietly. 23 years later, she still proudly says that Han Solo was the first man to ever keep her quiet.

Since those early days she’s made it her purpose in life to travel the globe as a poster girl for geekdom. She’s always rollin’ dice for tabletop games, tappin’ mana in MtG and tankin’ turrets in LoL. A wordly lass, this Australian born sheila has lived abroad in many strange places including Japan, England and the USA and has geeked out in all of them.

She’ll talk your ear off about D&D, Star Trek, Video Games (especially RTS), all things Japanese and the terrible lack of synthesizer in modern music.

When she isn’t getting up her geek quota for the week you can catch her procrastinating on her novel, dispensing wisdom on her blog, chillin’ with Bellossom with a piña colada or cooking up a storm in the kitchen with her trusty wooden spoon.

Learn more about Eliana on her blog or follow her on Twitter @ecphonensis

Jordan Young

jordanJordan is a beer-drinking, game-playing, fantasy-loving, unabashed nerd, who has his mantra tattooed on his arm in Latin: “Live with Passion.” Using that guiding principal, he has the ambition to do anything and everything. That includes recently proposing to his now fiancee on the Iron Throne. One distant fall ago he started a journey to pair beer with every Zelda dungeon out there. This is documented on his Tumblr, Drink to the Past.



Joshua Jackson

Joshua JacksonJosh is a lifelong video game, wrestling, and anime fan. Glued to the TV since the age of 4, he looks to put the enthusiasm he’s developed to good use. A devout follower of anything Pokemon, InuYasha, CM Punk and most things Japanese, you can usually catch him in front of the latest fighting games. Follow him on Twitter, join him on Xbox Live, friend him on the Wii U or throw down on PSN: @InuJoshua!