Poll Finds Single Men Say Miley Cyrus “Easiest” Costume this Halloween

Miley Cyrus in the Wrecking Ball music video

Miley Cyrus in the Wrecking Ball music video

She may be “just being Miley,” but according to one source, that could lead to poor decision-making this Halloween. A new dating study conducted by online dating auction site, What’s Your Price, asked more than 7,300 single men which 2013 costumes they thought would lead to the most promiscuity on Halloween. The results show that 84 percent of single men would bank on “Miley Cyrus” as a sure bet for a happy ending on Halloween night.

Top Halloween Costumes of 2013 – DTF (Down To F#ck) Rating

1. Miley Cyrus 84%
2. Duck Dynasty 73%
3. Amanda Bynes 66%
4. Sons of Anarchy 49%
5. Game of Thrones 33%
6. Superheroes 25%
7. Lady Gaga 18%
8. The Hunger Games 9%
9. Disney Characters 6%
10. Zombies, Monsters, Horror 2%

“Miley Cyrus has been a name on everyone’s lips this year,” comments Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of WhatsYourPrice.com. “She is clearly exhausting all means to shed her Disney princess image and be taken seriously as an ‘adult’ entertainer. But in the process, she is also shedding her morals, and a few layers of clothes.”

While former child stars, Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes top the list in terms of perceived “willingness”, this year’s safest bets for Halloween costumes include Hunger Games and anything under the Disney or Horror genres.

That being said; allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a bit here as I look at the 10 costume choices here and break down what I feel about them.

Miley Cyrus: I am not surprised that a lot of single guys would rate this costume choice high on the DTF rating. After her very racy performance recently at the VMAs and the release of her latest music video Wrecking Ball – in which she appears all nude – single men would perceive women wearing this costume to be equally as expressive about their bodies and sexuality as Miley is.

Duck Dynasty: Um, I am not quite sure what to make of this one here. I have to admit that I am not much of a Duck Dynasty fan, and I certainly don’t find anything sexy about it in the very least. So how people can have this as the #2 spot is definitely beyond my reasoning capabilities.

Amanda Bynes: Is she even relevant anymore? I mean, besides suffering from a seemingly complete mental breakdown, does Amanda Bynes even register on anyone’s scale anymore? Maybe these single men rated her costume so high because they believe that if a woman is dressing as another woman suffering from that kind of mental instability she may be open to other “fun” ideas as well.

Sons of Anarchy: Okay, I can see why this costume choice is high on the DTF rating. Biker babes are hot. No doubt about it. Forget the stereotypical image you have seen of the older female biker, some of the recent female bikers I have met are definitely very sexy. And in those skin-tight clothes some of them wear. Add in a sense of danger for dressing as a character in a biker gang, and I can see why single guys are down with this choice.

Game of Thrones: This is a no brainer. I mean, have you seen Game of Thrones? There is as much sex in an episode as there is killing. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but you can’t say that the show isn’t one of the sexiest shows on cable right now. So single guys would definitely be associating a GoT costume with an added sense of sexiness; I just thought it would have ranked higher…

Superheroes: Okay, this I would definitely buy as being mid-to-low on the DTF rating. These women, most of them generally true fans of the character they choose, do so because they really like the character and want to be representative of them in their costume choice. As such, they are usually less likely for some extracurricular fun on the side. And yes, I am even including the ones who dress in the “sexy” costume versions as well.

Lady Gaga: Now I actually thought that this would be higher on the list than at #7. I don’t know, I always figured Lady Gaga costumes as representing a woman willing to be a bit more risqué. So it surprised me to see this costume choice so low on the DTF ratings. In my mind I would have had the Lady Gaga costume choice trade spaces with the Duck Dynasty ones. But that is just me I guess…

The Hunger Games: This doesn’t surprise me at all. I saw The Hunger Games as… actually, more importantly, I saw the Katniss Everdeen character as a real representation of female individuality, self-worth and independence more than anything. So I guess I would have the same feelings towards a woman dressed as someone, especially Katniss, from this hugely popular series.

Disney: This should be no surprise to anyone. Even if the woman is wearing a sexy version of a character from the Disney stable, the representation on such characters emits this “wholesome values” kind of vibe. So that single guys would rank this as low on the DTF rating is no surprise to me. That doesn’t mean that all women dressed in these costume choices would be like that; only that it is the perception that it gives off.

Horror: Now, I have to question this one here. From my time as a single man in the dating scene all those years ago, I always found that women dressed in horror themed costumes were pretty willing to have a little more fun at a Halloween party. So I don’t get this one here. Yeah, you can run into some that just really wanted to be a zombie, ghoul or monster for the fun of it. But my experience when I was single always led me to try my luck with women in horror costumes before any other woman at the party.

In conclusion Wade finished with this statement analyzing the poll’s findings: “Fan girls, whether it’s the Walking Dead or Disney in general, have deep attachments to the characters of their favorite series or show. When they choose to portray a character they share a connection with as oppose to a passing fad, they are more likely to adopt some of that character’s characteristics on Halloween. Which also could lead them to choose to hold themselves to a higher standard than their more scantily clad peers.”

Richard Cardenas

Created in a lab in Tijuana, Mexico, or cloned in a test tube in Torrance, CA, depending on which story you think is a better origin story, Richard is, if such a thing exist, a second generation nerd. The son of a man who loved sci-fi, comic books and horror, and a woman who loved making costumes, reading sci-fi novels and watching cartoons, Richard was exposed to all this and more since a very young age.

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