The Best of CES: Preview

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is likely the largest convention to make its way to Las Vegas annually — and, yes, I’m taking into consideration that Vegas is also the host city of the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Every year, CES brings a bounty of tech goodies to Vegas to show off; these can range from the newest tablets to car stereos, and even the newest guitars from Gibson (I should know, I was on their mailing list for years after trying to win a Les Paul at CES 2009). This year, CES is debuting some fun and fantastic products for geeks and, specifically, for gamers. So let’s take a look at some of the cool gadgets that were previewed yesterday. CES’s show floor opens today.


Project SHIELD by NVIDIANVIDIA usually sticks to making graphic cards, but this year, they’re trying out their own special brand of gaming gear. Project SHIELD combines a full-size game controller with a 5-inch 720p multi-touch display, intergrated speakers, wi-fi connectivity, and runs off of the Jelly Bean build of the Android OS. NVIDIA boasts that its Tegra 4 is the “world’s fastest mobile processor.” Project SHIELD will let players play games from Google Play and the “NVIDIA TegraZone,” along with allowing for wireless streaming from your PC (so long as you have a GeForce GTX graphics card) and access to your Steam games.

The HipShotDot

Kill Streak Industries is debuting their newest product, the HipShotDot (HSD) this year at CES. This powered red dot sight for either the television or the player’s monitor is supposed to help those that play first person shooter games (e.g. Halo and Call of Duty) to improve their accuracy, acquire targets faster, and help response time and the gaming experience.

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