Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Available for iOS Devices

One of the best games this year is now on the iOS market.

Now available for you iOS devices.

Now available for your iOS devices.

For some reason, Square Enix has decided to celebrate its biggest franchise’s 25th anniversary by releasing a sequel to a polarizing game…and a rhythm game. But, hey, the rhythm game was freakin’ awesome and I love the hell out of it. Now, those of you who don’t have a Nintendo 3DS can enjoy the music/exploration/battle goodness (providing you have an iOS device).


Final Fantasy Theatrhythm takes the absolute best songs from every single Final Fantasy (and some of the spin-offs) and crams them into one, little overly-cute package. Just look at these guys! How cute are they?

Look at how adorable those guys look.

Look at how adorable those guys look.

They tell me that there’s a new mode just for the iOS version called Quest Melody, but that just sounds like the Chaos Shrine from the original game. Also included in this new version is the ability to compose (?) your own music and send it off to Twitter to challenge your friends at adorable chibi combat.

Character Info

So the app is free (yay!) and you get a couple of free songs and 13 characters (yay!) but if you want more you’ll need to cough up $.99 per song and $1.99 for each additional character (aw). There are song bundles for $2.99 (for 4 songs) but you’re going to need to cough up some serious dough if you want all of the music, since there seems to be over 100 songs (What the Fuck?!). I wonder how much it will cost to get every single song for this game?


Either way, Theatrhythm is one of my favorite games of this year and I’ve spent at least thirty hours on the 3DS version. If you like rhythm games and you know at least one Final Fantasy song by heart, then getting the app for free and buying said song will be more than worth the $.99.

Play One-Winged Angel and challenge the mighty Sephiroth.

Play One-Winged Angel and challenge the mighty Sephiroth.

And hey! One-Winged Angel is one of the free songs! Have at it.

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