Vintage Vixens Cosplay/Pin-up Project on Kickstarter in Final Stretch

Proposed Vintage Vixens book cover.

Proposed Vintage Vixens book cover.

In this, the final stretch of a Kickstarter project that I personally really believe in, I am calling on you, the Pop Cults readers, to help out of you can. As most of you know who follow me here, I am a huge fan of cosplay. There is something about the art of cosplay that I find really fascinating. Also, I happen to be a huge fan of pin-up models; the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Bettie Paige, Dita Von Teese, Claire Sinclair… I have a huge space in my heart for the art of the pin-up and the models that have made this art form the beauty that it is. I am a true fan of both cosplay and pin-ups, so much so that I have several books on both subjects in my personal library as well as having studied both subjects immensely. So what do you think is going to happen when I see a project that combines both cosplay and pin-ups into one? Of course I am going to love it. And this is where Kickstarter comes in…

A while ago, I was made aware of a project by photographer Al Abbazia, from the New York area, who is combining his art background with a mix of beautiful photographs and several cosplay models into one incredible project that he is hoping to get off the ground – Vintage Vixens: The Pin-up Art of Al Abbazia. While several medical conditions sidelined me for a while, I kept my eye on the project on its progress over at Kickstarter. And while the project has some backers, it needs a little extra push in these final days to make the project a reality. And I am really hoping that this book gets the remaining funds that it needs because personally I would love to own a copy of Al Abbazia’s work. Looking at his photography style and the way he mixes in models and cosplay into these amazing vintage pin-up looks is pretty amazing. His collection of works on the subject really are quite a wonder to look at and I feel that any cosplay or pin-up fan would agree that this is the kind of art book that we would love to own for our collections.

Just one example of Al Abbazia's work.

Just one example of Al Abbazia’s work.

Talking with Mr. Abbazia, you can really get a sense of the dedication he has put into his work: “I was a traditional artist from New York who switched to photography seven years ago. I wanted to be able to produce on the computer what was rolling around in my head. So, I taught myself Photoshop every night until I found techniques that really worked for me. I try to put my own spin on the pin-up genre. My biggest influence was the late, great Gil Elvgren. I take pictures of the models in studio, add hand drawn elements and computer graphics, finishing in Photoshop. I love creating recruitment and propaganda posters as well (from real events like World War II to Star Wars Stormtrooper posters). I also enjoy putting a spin on my favorite superheroes and fictional characters. I do seven to eight conventions per year, meeting so many wonderful people along the way. It was time, I felt, to publish my first book.”

And judging by the photos on the Kickstarter page and his own website, Martini Avenue, Mr. Abbazia definitely knows how to capture the spirit of both forms of photographic art. And that is why I am asking you all out there who appreciate the style and beauty of cosplay and pin-ups and can help, please head on over to the Vintage Vixens Kickstarter page and help out if you can. I’m telling you guys, Al Abbazia has a great and imaginative head on his shoulders and his body of works speak for themselves. Let’s make this a reality so we can all appreciate a wonderful mixing of two art forms in one sure to be incredible collection.

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