You Are NOT King Of The Nerds: Brandon’s Exit Interview

King of the NerdsThings didn’t go so well for The Servants of the Forsaken Orb (or Orange team) this week. With a last second upset, Blextrophy (Blue team) won the shooting range/obstacle course challenge and sent two members of Servants of the Forsaken Orb to the Nerd-off.

While Danielle was chosen by her own team, Brandon was sent in by Blextrophy. He quickly, and sadly, lost the Nerd-off and was sent home immediately. Turns out, Brandon is not the King of the Nerds.

I had a chance to ask Brandon some questions about his tragically short life on the show. Enjoy!

King of the Nerds Brandon

Brandon Moore

Dan: How did you find yourself applying to be the King of the Nerds?

Brandon: I was a finalist for Beauty and the Geek the season that it was canceled.  I think King of the Nerds used the same casting agency and so they had my info from the beginning.  They contacted me, asked for an audition video, liked it, and flew me out to film!

In what realm of nerdom do you reside and how do you think your skills would have benefited you in this competition?

I’m definitely a science/engineering nerd (although I do dabble a bit in both tabletop and videogaming).  I also have a lot of experience with cosplay.  My cosplay and engineering knowledge helped a lot in costume design for the cosplay competition.  I made use of the Radioshack lab to make a sound effects module for Moogega’s bird staff and to make strobe LED eyes for my necromancer skull.

What was your favorite moment on the show?

I would have to say the cosplay competition was my favorite moment. Dressing in costume AND getting to meet George Takei on national TV is pretty awesome.

How did it feel going from two team wins to having to battle your own teammate to keep your spot in the competition?

It was the worst feeling ever.  Danielle and I had grown to be pretty close and I was not looking forward to having to do battle against her.

Virgil referred to you as the team’s “soul.” What do you think he meant and how did it make you feel?

I was really good at defusing any drama and keeping everyone laughing rather than beating each other up over trivial matters.  I think that I was pivotal in helping us rally and increased our general morale.  I took it as the highest compliment when Virgil said that — it took me a bit off guard.

Dude, what happened to your golf cart?

It had a horrible turning radius and the controls were not responsive at all.  Unfortunately, that combined with my crappy hand-eye coordination sealed my fate.

What was going through your mind as Danielle was going in for her first goal?

I was getting really worried!  I did not want to get knocked out like that.  I wanted to at least have a chance to go head to head against my ‘mirror’ on the show — Virgil, the other neuroscientist.

Do you feel Virgil had influenced his team to vote for you (to send to the Nerd-Off) to get revenge for last week’s “dick-ish” comment?

Not at all.  I was sent to elimination because I represented a clear threat.  I brought skills to the orange team that are not easily replicated.

How was it seeing yourself eliminated from the show?

It was not the most fun thing in the world but I was glad that I handled losing with such grace.

How has being on the show affected your life?

I definitely get talked to about it a lot now.  Also, several younger kids have contacted me about various interests in science and engineering.  It is great that I can influence these folks to pursue these important and often underrepresented fields.  I love sharing my passions with others!

When did someone first notice you on the show and how did they react?

I was first noticed while doing karaoke.  They bought me a beer and we talked about video games.  It was a pretty cool encounter and very surreal.

Have you seen Dude, Where’s My Car? and if so, what did you think of their “Bust a Move” scene?

I don’t remember that scene, but I do remember ZOLTAN!

Brandon was not only the soul of his team, he was the soul of the show. It’s sad to see such a lovable person leave the show at such an early stage in the competition. Do me a favor and follow Brandon on Twitter at @fatal3rror.

You can catch King of the Nerds every Thursday on TBS, and you can come back here shortly afterward for more exit interviews as the challenge continues!

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